Authenticity Notice

Fakes Warning!

You may find several websites selling counterfeits; many of these sites have stolen our copyrighted images and pretend to be the real deal. Counterfeit copies are illegal and are intentionally trying to deceive you. Be careful, you don’t want to support this fraudulent economy, buying fake, and what is worse, untested products that can pose hazardous risks to your health and the ones you love. Our legal council is restlessly working to tackle these fake sites. Please take care and should you be in doubt regarding the legitimacy of your purchase, feel free to contact us.

Avoid purchasing fakes in sites that are illegal. Choose sweet dreams over nightmare fakes.

All products sold in the OSTRICHPILLOW® official website are 100% original. They are protected by international treaties on intellectual property such as design registrations and trademarks. They have been designed with passion and hard work by our dedicated team and manufactured respecting our highest standards of quality.