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6 ways to upgrade your next long-haul flight

6 ways to upgrade your next long-haul flight

Cramped leg space, iffy airplane food, and the occasional bit of turbulence can sometimes make the actual ‘travel’ part of travelling less than dreamy.

Besides pampering yourself with a luxury neck pillow like OSTRICHPILLOW GO, here are a few simple steps to help you arrive at your destination rested, relaxed, and ready to hit the ground running.


Don’t forget to pack the essentials

Airports aren’t the easiest places to freshen up, which is why it’s great to take advantage of the opportunities you have. So whether it’s to spare your seatmate from bad breath or just leave yourself feeling more minty fresh, it’s always good to keep a toothbrush handy. Not only will your dentist thank you, but this packing tip could also come in handy if your bags don’t arrive at your destination at the same time you do.



Bring some snacks

Changing time zones, staying awake during odd hours, and travel in general can make your stomach rumble even if it’s not meal time. Thankfully, as long as it’s solid, security will let you carry in your own food.

Healthy options like cut fruit and vegetables are a great way to balance out the heavy feeling you might get from the typical offerings found in airports and airline menus. It’s also much cheaper than buying a $12 salad by your gate.

Just remember - if you’re flying internationally you likely won’t be allowed to carry fruit and vegetables through customs, so make sure to eat or dispose of any leftovers before you land.


Stretch your legs before takeoff

Airline and airport guidelines recommend you arrive a few hours before your flight, which can mean a lot of time spent sitting by the gate. Rather than taking a seat, after you’ve passed through security take advantage of the extra time to walk around and stretch your legs.

Bonus: Scavenger hunts are an easy form of entertainment and can give you some direction as you wander around. Seek out the cheesiest souvenirs on display, scope out all the cafes in your terminal before buying a drink, or just try to find the most expensive airport prices to gawk at.



Let yourself relax

Though it can be tempting to consider flight time the perfect opportunity to catch up on work, once the cabin door closes it’s often hard to muster a motivated or productive mindset.

Instead of stressing yourself out with a to do list you might not have the energy to complete, think of your time in the air as an opportunity to relax - which means listening to your body and giving it what it needs. If that’s zoning out to some in-flight entertainment, catching up on a good book, or simply enjoying the view, do that.




Stay hydrated

Not only are planes notoriously dry, but airplane food is also notoriously salty, the perfect recipe for finding yourself seriously dehydrated. It can be tempting to skip drinking water if you want to avoid using the plane’s bathroom, but staying hydrated, along with getting rest, is a key way to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. To avoid experiencing dehydration-related fatigue, try bringing a refillable water bottle to the airport and don’t be scared to ask your flight attendant for plenty of top ups.



Waking up early to catch a flight, crossing time zones, and travelling 10+ hours are all understandably tiring. While there are a lot of tips that can help upgrade your experience during a long haul flight, one of the best - and most basic - is to catch some shut-eye.

If you’re the kind of person who needs a total blackout experience, consider bringing along OSTRICHPILLOW LOOP as your travel companion. Not only does sleeping on the plane help you arrive at your destination ready to start exploring, it also has the benefit of making your flight pass much, much faster.




These suggestions were brought to you by our team. When we aren’t busy designing travel pillows and dreaming up products like OSTRICHPILLOW MINI, you can find us power walking through airports.


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